There once was an only child, 15-year-old boy in Minnesota named Jim Carter. Jim was very short and has been bullied his whole life. Until one day he went to an amusement park with his best friend Mike. Soon to find out when they wanted to get on their favorite roller coaster, the Dragon, Jim was too short to get on. Jim and Mike devised a plan to be able to do it. Jim got on top of Mike and they put on a large trench coat and hat and pretended to be one tall man. Once they got up onto the roller coaster they were let through. But when they got on the roller coaster and reached the top Jim fell off! As he was falling, a lightning bolt struck him!                                                               

Two months later he woke up after suffering from a coma. He went home good as new but little did he know what the lightning bolt caused him. Jim woke up the next morning and noticed something very odd about his hands… They-they were paws! He ran to the mirror and saw the face and body of a wolf! Once he thought about being human again, BAM! He was a human! This was weird. As Jim ate his pancakes he remembered that in his dream he was a wolf. Still very confused and upset he decided to give his new, er whatever it was, a go. He thought about being a cheetah… Then all of a sudden there sitting at the kitchen table was a cheetah.

Jim went to school just like a normal day keeping the biggest secret ever. Although he had forgotten about his accident, when he walked into the class everyone just stared at him for the longest time. His teacher, Miss Blanchard took a while to spit out her words and finally she said, “Welcome Jim er… It’s so good to have you back!” I took a seat next my best friend Mike and he made it obvious that he was excited to see me. After class he flat-out started apologizing like there was no tomorrow. I told him it was ok and that I’m all better now. I decided to tell him my secret, so I pulled him over into the janitor’s closet and explained to him my insane morning. “No way.” Mike said. “Oh yeah look!” I shouted. I tried to think of the coolest animal ever, and then it hit me, so I turned into a lion! It scared Mike have to death. So I turned back into a human. Mike was shocked!

A couple of years later Jim turns himself into a superhero and goes by the name of Lightning. Jim moves to New York to go to college and studys animals. He no longer gets bullied either. And did I mention Mike goes to the same college to become a doctor so he can help Jim out? Two years later Jim and Mike find a headquarters so they can train, locate and keep bad guys, and so no one finds out Jim’s true identity. Also, Jim gets a wife who becomes a part of team Lightning.They later realize they are in need of someone who is good with electronics and hacking. And then they find the perfect person. One of their friends from college, Bethany Stein. As the years go by their team grows and continues to protect wherever they are needed. Later that day a man walks into the Lightning headquarters and says, “Hello, i’m Henry Carter. Jim’s brother.”

   To be continued…


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book Report

In this book, the adventure continues with Harry returning to Hogwarts in his 4th year. He encounters a difficult problem which leads to something even more horrific. Continue reading to find out.

In the beginning of the book Harry and his best friends Hermione and Ron are headed to the Quidditch championships. After the game is over they headed back to their tent and discover that death eaters are invading the camp! Everyone is running for their lives and taking cover. Harry notices that the dark Mark is cast into the sky. (That’s not good)

Harry is still very excited to start his new year(Even after the recent events) as he arrived at Hogwarts (His school for witchcraft and wizardry). During dinner on the first night Professor Dumbledore(Headmaster of Hogwarts) welcomes everyone and has a very big announcement. That this year they are bringing back an old tradition called the Triwizard Tournament! There will be a student picked from each school to compete for the Triwizard Cup. The other two schools that will be joining them this semester are Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. The way these champions are chosen is with the Goblet of fire. Students over 18 can put their name into the Goblet and on a special night the goblet will choose a champion from each school to compete in the difficult tasks. Everyone is very anxious to enter in their name. Well not everyone, Harry and Ron were bummed that they were under 18 and could not enter.

Like every year, there is a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. The new professor was named Alastor Moody. His nickname was Mad Eye Moody because he has a crazy eyeball and is very grumpy. Everyone knew that Cedric Diggory was going to be the champion of Hogwarts. Sure enough Viktor Krum from Durmstrang and Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons were chosen as well. Surprisingly somehow Harry Potter’s name got put in the goblet of fire and he was chosen as a second Hogwarts champion! And of course Ron is both mad and jealous of him

The first task is to fight a dragon. Everyone makes it through this task even Harry, and to complete the task they had to retrieve an egg that contained a clue for the next task. Cedric tells Harry to take his egg into some water and that will help him figure out what the next task was. Harry takes the egg into a giant bathtub, listens to it and still cannot  figure it out. Although when he listens to the egg underwater he hears singing from mermaids! That’s when he knew that the next task would be to go under water. But what he didn’t know is that a loved one would be taken from him that he had to rescue underwater.

Before the second task the school was going to hold a ball(The Yule ball). Everyone is worried about who is going to go with who of course. Harry wanted to ask Cho Chang but Cedric had already asked her. So he and Ron are to go with the Patil twins. A very awkward dance I must say. Everyone thought Hermione didn’t have a date to the dance but actually she was going with the famous Viktor Krum.

Professor Mad Eye Moody has been helping Harry throughout the semester with his tasks, giving him small hints and such. Neville Longbottom, one of Harry’s other friends helps Harry to use Gillyweed to breathe under the water for the next task. Harry must rescue Ron from under the water. When everyone goes they all jump into the water and start searching for their loved ones. Fleur’s way to breathe under the water does not work as she planned and when Harry gets to Ron he notices that she is not there to rescue her sister so Harry tries to save her as well while the mermaids keep trying to stop him but he does it anyways and when he gets up to the top of the water Fleur is ecstatic.

For the third and final task the champions must go through a maze filled with obstacles and retrieve the Triwizard cup. As soon as everyone progresses into the maze the crowd was roaring! In the end Harry and Cedric were the only two champions left; They are running for their lives as the walls are caving in towards the cup, when they arrive at the cup they both tell each other, “No you grab the cup!”, “No you grab the cup!” They ended up grabbing it together and soon to find out that it was not just a cup it was a portkey!

The portkey transports them to a suspicious graveyard and of course, there standing is Peter Pettigrew. Lord Voldemort’s most faithful servant. Lord Voldemort orders him to kill the “spare” which is Cedric. Their plan was to renew Lord Voldemort’s body and so Peter Pettigrew takes some of Harry’s blood, cuts off his hand, and then gets Lord Voldemort’s soul and puts all of that into a cauldron and he was brought back to life! Lord Voldemort is (sort of) a human again. He comes up to Harry and started intimidating him… Once he lets Harry go they decide to have a battle with their wands. Harry quickly tries to get away, succeeds, grabs Cedric, and then touches the Portkey and is taken back to the tournament.

Once they got there everyone is happy and is cheering but then they realize that Cedric Diggory is dead as Harry is screaming, “ He’s back! He’s back! Voldemort’s back!”. It was awful. Professor Moody grabs Harry and takes him to his office and before he starts talking to Harry he tries to drink some of his potion, but he is out so he starts turning into his real self. And it was not Professor Moody, it was Barty Crouch Jr. a follower of Lord Voldemort! Professor Snape came in and makes him drink a truth potion to get answers. Turns out Barty put Harry’s name into the goblet of fire and made sure he survived all of the tasks so he could get taken to the graveyard where Voldemort was waiting.

After all of that drama was over it was time to head home. It was very upsetting to know that Lord Voldemort was back to his real self and was a threat to the world again. Sadly no one believed Harry except for his friends and Professor Dumbledore and the rest of the professors. And so it began, the reign of Lord Voldemort was once again going to terrorize the world, and it was Harry’s job to end him whether he knew it or not.

Bears…OH MY!

When you’re camping, you probably do not want to be disturbed by any animals… Like bears! Here are some bear safety tips.

To keep a bear away make noise. Not just any noise, make noises that are not usually in the woods. And if you are hiking it would be smart to get a can, put some rocks or pennies in the can, and tie it around your waist. So that way you are constantly making noise.

To avoid bear confrontation, make sure to give it room.(space) And NEVER get between a momma bear and her cub(s).

If you run into a bear, calmly talk to it, In a slow gentle voice. It doesn’t matter what you say of course because bears can’t understand human language. When you spot a bear or a bear spots you it would be best that you back away slowly and be on your way. If a bear approaches you then make sure to stand your ground and get BIG. On the other hand, if it attacks you play dead.(curl up and cover your neck) If that fails you must fight back. NEVER run away from a bear.

If you are hunting a bear and shoot it, Make sure to approach it from the back. If the bear is on its belly with its paws sprawled out be very careful it may jump up!

Incase you didn’t know, bears CAN in fact climb trees!

Thank you for reading my essay and hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment what you thought 🙂

Semester Report

Do you like to read, watch movies, or act in plays? Maybe become a writer or a director? Then you are reading the right paper! I will be talking about forms of literature, parts of a Fictional story, Things to think about while writing a story and genres.

Forms of literature

Novel- A complicated story with ups and downs.

Short Story- Whether long or short the author keeps a short story simple.

Novella- In between a short story and a novel. Simple but still has plot twists and such. Yet not quite as complicated as a novel.

Drama: Can be a play, musical, ballet, etc. The story is told through people and not reading.

Poem: Keeps rhythm and reads differently than novels. Poems sometimes rhyme but not always.

Parts of a story

The way a story goes normally goes like this: Starts with the exposition would be the introductory, explaining the story a bit. Then there is the rising action. Things are getting tense, not sure how it’s all going to come down. After that we have the climax of the story. Very important things are happening, the story is at its peak. Falling action comes next. Things are settling down, and happy ending is on its way. And of course the last part of the story is the resolution. The story is coming to an end and all of the problems are either solved or soon to be solved.

Things to think about when writing a story

When writing a story you…

1 Must have a plot. What will the problem be? Who and what is your story about?

2 Think about your setting. Tone, customs, mood, make sure your reader can visualize what they are reading.

3 Character Development. Your character(s) need to change their heart in whatever way you decide write about. (example) Say your story is about a snobby and spoiled little boy who only cares about himself. Then all of a sudden he is lost somewhere and finds himself in a small town. He stays with a nice humble family and he treats them like dirt. By the time his parents find him he is a changed boy.

4 Theme. What are you trying to say in your story? (this goes along with past example) It’s better to be kind and love others? Because the theme definitely wouldn’t be don’t get lost by yourself!

5 What’s your style? Do like to be very descriptive? Do your stories revolve around people or animals? Do they teach lessons or are they a mystery?


A genre is a category of literature. There’s non-fiction and fiction. Non-fiction is about real things that have happened and nothing is made up. Auto-biographies and biographies are also included in that genre(non-fiction). Fiction is not real. Although some fiction stories may revolve around true historical events but the characters and such aren’t real. Also there is historic fiction(back then) and realistic fiction(more modern and “now”) Here are some other fiction genres: Science fiction, fables, horror, allegory(hidden themes and points, lessons), fantasy, satire, mythology, comedy, and mystery.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! As a review I talked about forms of literature, parts of a story, things to think about when writing a story, and genres. Thank you again! Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!


NEWS: Sherlock Holmes solves the case again!

Case: The Red-Headed league.

Turns out there have been very intelligent thieves in our midst. Pawn Shop owner Jabez Wilson was tricked by a famous bank robber “name unknown.” Jabez responded to a fake advertisement advertising a club called the “Red-Headed league.” Jabez is in fact a red-head so he joins the league. Everyday Jabez went to the secret location and copies the Encyclopedia Britannia by hand. He knew of no one else in this club, but he went anyways.  Jabez continues copying this encyclopedia and makes at through the “A” section when all of a sudden the league dissolved until he could make it further. Holmes looks into this club and tries to gather clues. He grows very suspicious of how and why the leagues was founded and now gone. Holmes thanks Jabez for bringing him the case. When Holmes finds out that the league was fake and Jabez was being robbed while away every day. The  bank robbers had been digging a tunnel from the basement of Jabez’s Pawn shop to the town bank vault. Thanks to Mr. Sherlock Holmes these bank robbers are locked up for a long time. He has done it again!


What is a Genre?

A genre is  basically a category. It defines certain types of literature. Two big kinds of genres are fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction is an actual historical event or it could also be a biography or an auto biography. Fiction on the other hand is all other literature.

There are lots of genres like


– autobiographies

– biographies


– Historical and realistic

– Science

– Horror

– Allegory

– Fantasy/Mythology

– Fables

– Comedy

– Romance

– Action and Adventure

Some of my favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, and rom-coms.  I love Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, DC tv shows, The Back to the Future trilogy, and Once Upon a Time and those are basically all in the categories I named as my favorites. 😉

Please comment you thoughts! Also I would love to hear your favorite genres and books/movies!


If I got Shipwrecked

If I got shipwrecked onto an island I would definitely make sure I had my bible and a tent with me. Here’s why

Bible – If I had my bible with me on the island that I was shipwrecked on, it would give me hope and wisdom while I’m stuck on the island. It will lead me through the tough times until I am rescued or until I die on the island and go to heaven. Choosing my bible means that I’ll have to figure out on my own how to start a fire, get food, and set traps for animals. I’ve seen survivor. 😉 A bible will also help me keep my faith strong in the Lord. I know I can trust him that whatever happens, is his plan for me.

Tent –  A tent is for protection. Whether it’s overnight or just during the day. Preferably a camouflaged tent. I can eat, sleep, and read my bible in there. I need it to help me survive while on the deserted island until I am hopefully rescued.

Honestly, if I could only take one helpful item I would choose bible over a tent any day. That sounds like I’m acting like I’m better than everyone else and I’m not. All I know is that I can trust and pray to God to help me survive. Unless he wants me to come to heaven with him or course. Thank you for reading my essay and I hope you enjoyed it! Please tell me what you thought in the comments!

Pros and Cons- Hiking Clothing

When hiking you need to have the right attire for the environment you’re in. Whether it’s  snow or sand, rocks or hills.


Cotton tees: Keeps you cool in hot weather and very comfortable.

Fleeces: Perfect for chilly weather. Doesn’t soak up a lot of moisture and dries quickly.

Rain Jackets: Keeps you dry when raining or sprinkling.

Insulated jacket: Keeps you very warm.


Cotton tees: Soaks up water and takes a long time to dry. Not warm enough in cold weather.

Fleeces: Don’t wear in hot weather (obviously) , you will get sweaty.

Rain Jackets: Only for rain, hence the title.

Insulated jackets: You can get very hot in them if it’s not cold enough outside, good to have ventilation zippers.

Some of the pros and cons were obvious but I guess I wrote this a little sarcastically. I found it very difficult to write a pros and cons list about clothing. Overall I hope you enjoyed it!


The Merry Adventures of Abigail

Once upon a time there was a girl named Abigail who was an orphan living in Sherwood forest with the merry men. The merry men let Abigail stay with them at their camp as they as they went away to steal from the rich and give to the poor. They found baby Abigail lying next to a tree in the forest as if her mother knew the merry men camped out in this particular forest. Robin Hood, the leader of the merry men decided to let little John take her in as a father figure and now Abigail is 13 years old.

When the merry men went to fulfill their duties Abigail had to stay behind and clean, cook meals, and stay in the camp. She wanted so badly to have a life outside of camp. She wanted to explore the town, meet new people, and have a job! Although she knew Robin would disapprove and she could never get the courage to ask him, she decided she would finally ask him. After all, she was old enough and she had been doing the same thing everyday long enough.

After she asked and was sadly disappointed by his lecture on how that will never happen she came up with a plan. Abigail thought she could maybe convince Robin to let her help steal from the rich and give to the poor, or whatever they do. All she knew is that if Robin let her, she could go to the town with them, sneak away, and do whatever she wanted! Maybe find a family and never go back.

When the day came, the merry men were about to leave and she quickly asked. She was rejected. So Abigail asked the next day, rejected again. Abigail kept asking every day and Robin was sick and tired of it. So after 31 days of asking he finally said, “Yes you may come with us, but it must be tomorrow.” Abigail was so exited she started planning everything she was going to do on such a joyous day!

When the day came she got ready and was off. They walked quite a distance but finally reached the town. As they were sneaking into some big house she snuck away. She started walking around and saw so many people. Oh how she wanted friends and a family. It made her to sad to see all the happy family and friends. But then Abigail saw something frightening! She saw a wanted poster for Robin and the rest of the merry men! She realized that they were her family because when she saw the poster she wanted the people who hung these posters to be hung themselves! Abigail was not sad anymore, she was content. She knew Robin and the merry men deep down they loved her. Also they were smart and would never get caught. They were her family and she was happy to help them with cooking and cleaning and such. It would be nice to have a friend though, or a baby to take care of.

Abigail went back to the camp and made dinner for when the merry men got back. As she was waiting for the merry men she heard crying. Abigail followed her ear and there it was, a baby girl. It was so sad to think that this baby’s mother just gave her up. Like her mother. Abigail took the baby and decided to become its mother. Even though she was only 13. Abigail named the baby Daisy.

Be a Survivor

Imagine if you go camping and you get lost, what do you do? Call for help? I don’t think so. It’s always good to have some sort of signaling device with you while camping, backpacking, hiking etc. It’s a good idea to have an automatic signaling device. like an EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) or a strobe light. Manual Signaling Devices are good to! For example, signal mirrors, whistles, flashlights, signal fires, and laser flares.

Make sure you bring a long-lasting signaling device and not a short duration one! Flares and smoke signals don’t last very long and aren’t seen at long distances. The best signaling devices to have would be:

1 Signal mirror

2 Flashlight

3 Rescue laser flare

Signal mirrors are the best because they are seen at extremely long distances. It can be seen 50 miles away! If your going to use a fire for a signaling device make sure you know how to start a fire or have something that starts it for you.

A. Have matches. The best kind to have would be strike anywhere matches. Trick birthday candles are also really good.

B. Flint or a Swedish Fire Steal. They last very long.

C. A lighter. Make sure you get a bricks fire starter it lasts longer.  It’s also good to get a clear one or a white one so then you can see how much “fuel” is left.

D. Magnifying glasses also start fires

E. Magnesium Fire starters last a long time and start a good fire.

F. Tinder (flammable material)

Either way, when you go camping always make sure you are able to start a fire somehow because fire is extremely important.